What do we do?


“Bring back the love; in your business, your relationship, your family, your life.

How do we do that?

#REALTRADIESWIVES provides a community where we can come together and share our challenges be they personal, relationship or business based in a safe nurturing environment. Our resource library gives you instant access to the downloadable resources to any questions/challenges you might have; be they personal, relationship or business based.

If you cannot find the help you need there, our closed Facebook group will provide the wisdom and connection through other Tradies Wives who may have been through what you are going through and have the answers. Still no luck? Post the question so the answer can be posted on the #ASKMARG page or covered in Real Tradies Wives TV.

3 lunches with the “best” guest speakers in the construction industry who are leading in their field of business, relationships or personal development give you not only a break from the isolation but a reason to come lunch and learn with us. Making connections with our community, information you will leave with will make you feel less alone and more equipped.

The #RTW production team  featured on our ABOUT US page, are ready and waiting to help you build your or your husband’s business. Our partnerships be they affiliate or joint venture are accessible through us to help you build the life, the relationship and business you desire. A one stop community of help, support and a listening ear.

What will I get out of this?

3  levels of  #REALTRADIESWIVES  Membership . This will give you:

REAL support, understanding and connection to other Tradies Wives

  • Access to #REALTRADIESWIVESCONNECT will give you instant access to other tradie wives and our RTW Ambassadors and our coaches (personal and business) to start the conversation of your daily challenges in your life and in your husband’s business.

Invitations to ALL of our Social  and Informative EVENTS

  • 3 lunches host guest speakers who are at the top of their field in Personal Development; Relationship Help and Business assistance specifically related to Construction. VIP Membership packages give up close and personal access to guest speakers and the opportunity for personalized VIP Q & A after the lunch.
  • A gala ball where we can all glam up once a year to unite the #REALTRADIESWIVES of Melbourne, husbands and our community partners and let our hair down.
  • A Xmas Party to come together for social drinks.

Tools & Tips

  • Access to our  Resource library JAM PACKED with VALUE. Our Resource Library is the GOLD NUGGET containing the most up to date personal , relationship and business resources that you can download at a click of a button. Videos, work books, E-books, Cheat sheets from Marg Lange’s Personal Library plus resources and access to resources from industry experts and coaches that can help you work more effectively in your relationship , your business and through this BECOME MORE EMPOWERED.
  • #RTW Notebook to record all your learning’s throughout the year which with each notebook
  • #RTW singlet top and cap or viser
  • Be.bangle with a meaningful message which also funds one day of education for an African girl through One Girl.

How to get started

  1. Click to register your interest in becoming a member and leave your name, number and email address so we can chat to you about your situation and chat about which Membership package suits you best.
  2. Upon signing up we will connect you to the #REALTRADIESWIVESCONNECT Closed Facebook Group and give you a Login Member number so you can access the Resource Library and start downloading personal, relationship and business tools and access to our community experts.
  3. You will be added to our News and Events subscription. You will receive 4 welcome emails each day then you will then be added to our weekly emails that will give you access to personal, relationship and business tips along with our events we will be running.

BUT THERE’S MORE!!! Join our Membership and start to enjoy the Membership benefits, exclusive offers and discounts we have created with local businesses in your area.

Want to work with me? Our Membership now offers the ability to work one on one with Marg Lange or one of our Life Coaches to create the best version of you. We will work towards improving your relationship with your husband by working with you “on you.”

It is really no better time to become a Member of #REAL TRADIES WIVES



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