“Bring back the love; in your business, your relationship, your family, your life.

We are here for the wives and partners of tradies. Those who are not just partners in life but also work together in business. Many are time poor, struggling in isolation or dissatisfied with the lack of business support for their role.

Connect & empower
The #REALTRADIESWIVES of Melbourne connect and empower tradies wives and partners to reignite their passion and purpose in the business. We give you the tools to succeed, resources for personal and professional growth. We give you connections to expand your network. We give you a listening ear and a woman’s understanding.

#RTW membership
Unlike other Women’s Networks and Builders Associations, which can be expensive, intimidating and lack communication and understanding. #REALTRADIESWIVES will make sure your membership will align with your needs and dreams.
Once you join the #REALTRADIESWIVES family, together we will bring back the love for the business, your relationship with your husband or partner and ultimately, the love for your life.



We take the time to truly listen and understand the problems you face on a daily basis. We give you the tools to succeed, the resources for personal and professional growth and the support that is right for you.

Listen to an  ABI Radio interview with Marg.


“Marg has lived through it, risen above it and has the drive and knowledge to get you to do the same.”

About Marg Lange

Who is Marg Lange?
A tradie’s daughter, a mother, a successful businesswoman, a friend, a teacher, and a coach. There are many ways to describe her but let’s talk about the journey that lead her to establishing The #REALTRADIESWIVES.

Marg’s small business experience started 20 years ago, working out of the family home. Together with her husband she grew the company to be one of the best event management small businesses in Melbourne. But nothing could have prepared her for the personal struggle she would face with her family.

“I lived through it.”
The business thrived until September 11th 2001, when the New York stock market fell and the business was badly affected. A cash flow crisis resulted and ultimately triggered a divorce and the liquidation of her family’s business.

Back on top!
Today, Marg utilizes the valuable lessons she has learned to help other small business owners. She knows firsthand the difficulties of cash flow and the stress that it puts on small business owners, family businesses and business partnerships.
Marg successfully ran her own Fifo Capital Bayside business and founded The Melbourne Construction Gateway, which brings back a fair go for small building contractors who are constantly chasing payment and worrying about finding their next job.

Who is Vikki Malmberg,

Often called “The Small Business Queen”, Vikki helps small business to grow and helps big business understand small business. Over the past 15 years she has founded, purchased, duplicated and expanded her businesses and enjoyed expansion internationally.

Having worked across multiple sectors, including Print, Web, Software, IT and Fitness, Vikki has experienced everything business owners go through excitement, fear, panic and loss as well as the positives of success, joy and achievement. She understands the importance of every business being armed with the right systems and knowledge. This prompted Vikki to collate her own proven systems and strategies for others to use and leverage from; affectionately known as “The Winning Hand in Business”.


Damian Delahunty – Digital catch Media

Damian is passionate about helping people tell their stories, stories that engage others that will help to build your business.  After spending close to 15 years in the construction industry, as a chippy then later as a builder.

Damian understands the challenges and potential rewards of running a business in this space.  This experience combined with his skills and attention to detail and quality video production will help propel your trade business forward.




Richard Reid & Shaun Ryan – Co Founders – Site Marketing Solutions

Site Marketing Solutions is overseen by Co Founders Richard Reid & Shaun Ryan.

Richard has over 29 years experience in advertising and marketing, spending the last 16 years working in the digital space.

After working with some of Australia’s & UK’s leading online classified portals, Richard moved on to specialise in all things search engine marketing, web design &  web development.

Shaun has over 8 years working in online marketing, specifically with businesses wishing to be positioned in Google (AU) for a given set of search queries relevant to their industry.

Shaun is also a member of an invite-only global SEO think tank that routinely shares information, discussing any outcomes relevant to SEO changes occurring globally, and also locally.  

Site Marketing Solutions have a natural curiosity and interest in solving our clients online problems and catering to their business needs. Digital consultancy and execution of effective search marketing strategy and campaigns are our main focus.

Providing transparent, measurable reported outcomes and increase revenues for our clients is always our goal.

Craig Edwaards & Natalie Potter – Identity Creative

Identity Creative, is a creative agency with a difference. We help small to medium sized businesses build great brands that stand out from the crowd and outperform competitors.

We do far more than paint pretty pictures. Our recommendations are based on insights obtained from your marketplace, as well as your customers – to provide a competitive edge.

Craig Edwards & Natalie Potter are the passionate directors of Identity Creative. They are backed by a team of designers, developers, and other specialists including copywriters, SEO experts and more. This dynamic duo has 40+ years’ experience, have had their own business for over 10 years, and love to build great brands.

“We believe we should all be in business with brands we love, brands that you can be proud of, brands that have purpose and make a difference.”

Services include;
Brand development – Brand design and management – logo’s, stationery, newsletter templates and mailings, website design, brochures, leaflets, signage, PR, marketing plans, competitive research, advertising, media including social media and so much more..





Bruce Frame – CEO of BSTM Corporation Pty. Ltd

Since starting his business coaching career in 2003, Bruce has worked with over 250 different businesses as diverse as hairdressers and wine makers and even a funeral director. He has also worked extensively in the construction sector including both commercial and domestic builders as well as numerous plumbers, electricians, carpenters and other related trades. Additionally he has coached major suppliers to the construction industry including timber industry manufacturers and both electrical and plumbing wholesalers.

His determination in helping people in business has led him to a role where he not only coaches business owners directly; he also coaches other coaches to help them with their client business owners. Known for his passion for business, his broad business and people skills and his willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ in order to help his clients succeed, Bruce is truly every business owners’ most unreasonable friend.

Bruce Frame is currently the Managing Director and CEO of BSTM Corporation Pty. Ltd., and operates his coaching business from Melbourne Victoria in association with a large team of coaches throughout the world.